Reforming American Education

There are individuals who say that some sort of radical educational revolution is needed in order to bring about change in the American educational system. I am in agreement with them that change is needed, but I think that it can be done within the boundaries that currently exist within the system itself.

Many of these individuals also do not mention where the change is needed, is it in the elementary schools, middles schools, high schools, or the online homework help. Maybe the change is needed all the way from elementary to college. I think that change is required in everyone of these categories’.  Today’s education has become very expensive and in my opinion overpriced. I am not certain what the cost to educate an individual from elementary to college is these days, but I have heard that it is at an all time high. Still I believe that change can come about through the usual means utilizing the PTA groups and meetings, along with voting in good educational superintendents who also care about change.